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At Trusted Claims** we understand that having an accident at work can be a traumatic experience. People rely on their jobs for their livelihood, and are often wary of making too much of an accident at work. If you have suffered an injury or accident at work, the dedicated Team at Trusted Claims are here to help.

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Workplace accidents are very common in the UK. People tend to work in different kinds of environments:

  • Offices
    • Many consider offices to be one of the safest places to work; everyone tends to work at a desk, and there tends not to be too many people moving around. However offices often have a lot of equipment, with electrical wiring and components trailed along the floor or hanging down from the ceiling. These can potentially result in injuries to employees.
  • Factories
    • Factors tend to be viewed by many as being slightly more dangerous than most working environments. Often in their work, factory employees may be exposed to complicated machinery and potentially harmful subjects. While employers take steps to ensure they are protected, if they fail to train them on what they actually are required to do or not do severe injury to employees can be the result.
  • Retail stores
    • It is often the case that because retail stores are places that the general public visit, that they will always be very safe. This is generally true, but this does not mean they are free from risks to retail employees. Shelving unites must be securely fastened to walls, and walkways kept clear otherwise they can injure employees.
  • Construction sites
    • Construction sites like Factories tend to be viewed by most as being a risky environment. While there is a lot of legislation regarding how construction sites are managed, a simple mistake in not providing the correct equipment or designing the best working practices can result in a traumatic injury to site workers.

Regardless of where people work or how 'risk free' an environment may appear, the reality is that accidents can happen anywhere and at any time and can range from slips and trips to severe spinal injuries. Suffering an accident at work can leave people with a lot of questions including:

  1. Why did this happen?
  2. Who is responsible?
  3. Do I have any rights?

These questions can cause a lot of stress and worry for people when they don't know that answers. At Trusted Claims we know the answers to these questions. In the UK employees are entitled to expect to work in a safe environment. In law this means that employers are expected to take care of their employee's safety. Employers are expected to make sure that their employees are protected from harm while working. This means that employers need to take specific steps in designing the working environment:

  • Make sure employees have safety equipment
    • Employers must provide their employees with safety equipment, if they are needed to allow employees to carry out their job properly. Wherever someone works e.g. factory, office or constructions sites, and employers not only must provide the correct tools and equipment for a job to be done, but they must also train their staff on how to use them.
  • Protect against Unsafe, inadequate or damaged equipment
    • When employers provide equipment for their employees to use, it must be in good working order. If employers provide equipment that is in any way faulty or dangerous that causes an employee injury, they will be liable in a compensation claim.
  • Employers need to follow safe working practices
    • When employers recruit employees, it is their responsibility to design both a safe environment and working practices that are centred on employee safety. This obligation on employers covers everything from using equipment to keeping a tidy and organised working environment.
  • Take note of the needs of employees who need assistance
    • Through the employment relationship, employers are expected to address the needs of their staff to do their job properly. If an employer notices that someone in their team is particularly at risk of injury, because of the nature of the job or otherwise, they need to take action to protect them from injury.

If employers fail to take the steps necessary to create a safe working environment and an accident happens, it is the employees that suffer most as a result. Therefore employees are entitled by law to make a personal injury claim against the employer. In the UK employers are required by law to have 'Employers Liability Insurance' in place. This is a kind of package that ensures that where employees suffer injury because of an accident at work, there is insurance available to give them compensation.

If you have suffered an injury following an accident at work, you may be entitled to compensation.
We at Trusted Claims are regularly involved in handling these kinds of claims. We work to put our clients back into the same position that they would have been in, had they not suffered an accident at work. Our dedicated team will organise every aspect of our clients claim, and use our knowledge and skill to get the maximum compensation.

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